Companions of Christ are servants of Christ Jesus plus nothing.

Marissa is a PhD Chemist and Professor of Chemistry & Photographer. Marissa attended California Institute of Technology in Pasadena California and has taught at colleges in California, Texas, Washington, and Oregon. Robert has led an interesting career mostly focusing on Procurement and Project Management of various scales. Robert left his stable Government Procurement position at a Housing Authority in Southern California at age 30 to get healthy and become a Podcaster. At the age of 32; Robert & Marissa own a lovely house that they bought completely on their own with no help from their parents, family, or friends financially. Both Marissa and Robert have been homeless several times over the past few years.

We enjoy helping everyone we can. We do not judge or discourage others.

Robert offers affordable or free consulting in the following areas:

      • Live Video Podcasting
      • Relationships
      • Sexology
      • Procurement & Management

Robert is very accommodating and will work with your schedule completely!